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New Building Management

MarOff’s team of Marine Engineers has sailed on various types of vessels and offshore crafts with wide knowledge base of the specific requirements of each type of vessel and craft. These knowledge and experience had been transplanted into the new building supervision to ensure that the finish products meet Owners’ specific requirements and needs. The same team had previously developed and conceptualized designs of various types of vessels and crafts until their delivery for commercial service for Owners.

With the wide network of contacts in related fields such as Classifications, Flag State Administrations, Consultants, Naval Architects, Marine Legal Practitioners and end users, MarOff would be able to effectively supervises the new building process for conformance to Rules, Regulations, Commercial requirements and Operational needs.

The close knit team of Marine Professionals within MarOff will provide back room support to the Site Team in close monitoring of the project management throughout the building process from the Design stage to Delivery of the vessel or craft.

A sea trial team will be formed comprising Master Mariners and Chief Engineers to thoroughly put on trial and finding of defects for the equipment, machinery, system and performance of the vessel or craft prior to deployment by Owners for Commercial Operation.